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Mississippi Tort Cap Overturned — For Now

The mother of a boy who died of smoke inhalation in an apartment building lacking adequate fire detection may be able to collect $6 million from the complex’s owners, despite Mississippi lawsuit caps, following to a recent ruling in that state. The decision is almost certain to be affected by a pending state Supreme Court case, however, and could also be appealed to that court. In his 14-page ruling, Coahoma County Circuit Judge Charles Webster said that Mississippi’s cap on …

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Editor’s Choice: Jury Awards Edition

 Woman nearly killed after eating chicken pizza at Round Table wins $2.5 million A woman who almost died after eating a barbecue chicken pizza at Round Table won a jury verdict of $2.5 million. Calla Felicity, 59, was eating out with her mother when a one-inch chicken bone got lodged in her throat. The toothpick-shaped bone pierced her esophagus and caused an infection that almost killed her. She underwent 11 surgeries during 33 days in the hospital, then spent months …

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Housing Discrimination Rampant Against Immigrants and Others

A new survey released last week shows that immigrants, the disabled, and families with children aren’t welcome some places. Immigrants  face the greatest hardships in finding legal recourse for housing discrimination, according to the nationwide community organization survey. Consumer Action, a non-profit based in San Francisco,  contacted 5,000 community organizations across the country, compiling information from 549 respondents who reported serious issues with housing discrimination. The disabled, families with children, and immigrants are frequently denied access to certain neighborhoods and …

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