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Posted 5 years ago in Your Family & The Law by Aaron Kase  
What You Need to Know About LGBT Marriage

When President Obama announced his support for gay marriage earlier this month, he was echoing a sentiment that more and more Americans have come to believe– that LGBT citizens have the same right to formalize their love in law as any other couple. More than just a symbolic gesture, marriage can grant partners important social and legal rights they might otherwise be excluded from. LGBT marriage can bring benefits for taxes, insurance, wills and more State laws vary on LGBT …

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Posted 5 years ago in Jury Awards by Sylvia Hsieh  
Editor’s Choice: Jury Awards Edition

Convenience store ordered to pay $716 million for selling alcohol to minor A convenience store was hit with a gigantic $716 million verdict for selling alcohol to a 17 year-old driver who crashed into another car killing a man. High school senior David Holdsworth had blood-alcohol level nearly twice the legal limit when he crashed into a car occupied by Samuel Garcia, killing him. Garcia’s family sued Best for Less Food Mart, the convenience store where Holdsworth bought alcohol before …

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Posted 5 years ago in Bankruptcy by Josh Crank  
The Rising Cost of Going Bankrupt

Bankruptcy is the last lifeline for consumers facing insurmountable debts, but it still comes at a price. Between 200,000 and one million American consumers are estimated to be unable to afford the cost of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, according to new research released by the National Bureau of Economic Research. The research also reported the average cost for filing Chapter 7 as more than $1,500, including attorney’s fees. The court costs associated with filing a petition account for about …

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