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Posted 5 years ago in Driving & Motor Vehicles by Josh Crank  
Police on High Alert for Drunk Drivers Over Holiday Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and with it comes the usual anticipation of a drunk driving surge. Police departments across the nation will beef up their patrols and establish sobriety checkpoints in attempts to keep roadways safe throughout the three-day weekend. Regardless of whether you plan to drink, these heightened police efforts may boost your odds of being stopped and questioned about your alcohol consumption. What you say to the police during a traffic stop can make the difference …

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Posted 5 years ago in Jury Awards by Sylvia Hsieh  
Editor’s Choice: Jury Awards Edition

Garbage truck driver crushed when his truck collapsed wins $11.4 million A garbage truck driver whose spine was crushed when his truck’s front tire collapsed won $11.4 million in damages. Raymond Mariolle, who has driven trash trucks for Waste Management Co. for more than 20 years, suffered spinal injuries when the front hub cracked and the wheel fell off, sending the 55,000 pound vehicle plummeting to the ground. Mariolle sued the the hub maker, Consolidated Metco, vehicle manufacturer Volvo Truck …

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