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How Much Should You Pay for an Attorney?

Eventually, everybody needs a lawyer. From legal negotiations like real estate transactions and child custody, to major life interruptions like divorce, bankruptcy, criminal defense or a personal injury suit, attorneys stand by their clients in some of life’s most difficult moments. But how much you should pay? How do you value hiring someone to represent you for what could involve some of the most personal, gut-wrenching circumstances of your life?   Look up what lawyers charge by zip code Now, …

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Don’t Be Fooled by Fake Immigration Lawyers

  ICE: It’s not just for deporting people anymore. Last year, the federal Immigrations and Customs Enforcement launched a crackdown against scammers who prey on immigrant communities, pretending to offer legal services but more often than not leading their unwitting clients into a heap of trouble. Scammers known as “notarios” offer asylum applications and other services they aren’t authorized to provide Immigrant communities vulnerable due to poor English skills and unfamiliarity with American law Victims of scams can bear the …

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Can You Go to Jail for Downloading Movies?

Megaupload, the file sharing service shut down by the the U.S. government in January, is fighting for its life to avoid prosecution. Meanwhile, the millions of people who used it have good reason to be nervous, wondering if they will be sued for illegally downloading copyrighted movies. DoJ must prove Megaupload intentionally promoted copyright violations Individual users can be liable for illegally downloading movies and music Music industry went on massive suing spree last decade to protect its copyrights   …

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