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Posted 5 years ago in by Courtney Sherwood  
Wisconsin Ruling Won’t Help Most Renters

A recent Wisconsin court ruling could make it harder for some landlords to evict their tenants. But renters shouldn’t pop the champagne corks in celebration just yet, warns a lawyer familiar with the decision. A Dane County, Wisc., judge ruled that Wisconsin Management Co. did not have the right to kick Sean Burke and his family out of the storage units they were renting, because of a state law that says evictions must be filed by “a person entitled to …

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Posted 5 years ago in Labor and Employment by Michele Bowman  
Can Your Employer Control What You Say Online?

As social media provides more and more ways to connect with others and spread information, employers have begun to use social media polices as a way to regulate their employees’ activities on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. That would be fine if companies’ efforts were narrowly aimed at restricting their employees from discussing trade secrets or confidential financial information online, for example. But some employers are going too far, according to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), which is …

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Posted 5 years ago in Jury Awards by Sylvia Hsieh  
Editor’s Choice: Jury Awards Edition

Workers burned in explosion win $179 million verdict Three men burned in an explosion in a grain elevator were awarded a combined verdict of $179 million by a federal jury in a judgment against food giant ConAgra, the owner of the silo. John Jentz, Robert Schmidt and Justin Becker worked for two companies hired to clean up a grain silo located in southern Illinois when it burst into flames. According to their lawsuit, ConAgra had not properly cleaned the elevator …

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