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Posted 5 years ago in Divorce by Jeffrey Landers  
June Brides, Are You Ready for Divorce?

June is the most popular month of the year for weddings. But along with all the talk of something borrowed and something blue, a few words of practical financial advice should be included for all those women about to walk down the aisle. The harsh reality is this: A large number of this month’s marriages will end in divorce. Today’s brides need to be prepared for that possibility, and they need to be smart about their finances so that they …

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Posted 5 years ago in Criminal Law by Josh Crank  
Detroit Voters May Decriminalize Marijuana in November

The Michigan Supreme Court has cleared the way for a marijuana decriminalization measure to appear on city ballots in the coming November election. If voters pass the measure, it will allow adults 21 and over to use and possess up to one ounce of marijuana on private property. The decriminalization initiative is sponsored by the Coalition for a Safer Detroit, a group of citizens who argue that removing marijuana possession penalties will allow Detroit police officers to focus on more …

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Posted 5 years ago in Labor and Employment by Jennifer King  
Read the Latest Issue of the “Your Job & The Law” Newsletter

Good Luck Learning Your Employee Rights Have you been demoted at work? Discriminated against? Fired? Your boss doesn’t want you to know your legal rights. That’s because anti-worker groups recently got a court order saying businesses don’t have to display the familiar employee rights poster at the office. Find Out More…      Keep Digital Dirt From Derailing Your Job Search If you’re an Internet junkie who just happens to be looking for a job, be careful what you put online …

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