Video: $8M Settlement for Infant Killed by Wrong Transfusion

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Shortly after baby Genesis Burkett was born in 2010, he was poisoned by a hospital pharmacy mistake that gave the infant a fatal IV bag of sodium. It was 60 times the prescribed dosage of his electrolyte transfusion.

A prominent Chicago Hospital killed newborn Genesis Burkette with a fatal transfusion of sodium.

A prominent Chicago Hospital killed newborn Genesis Burkett with a fatal transfusion of sodium.

Parents Fritzie and Cameron Burkett filed a lawsuit charging wrongful death against Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, IL, in Cook County Circuit Court in Chicago. In April 2012, Chicago lawyer Patrick A. Salvi recovered a settlement of $8.25 million.

Genesis would have been 19 months old when the case was settled.

Salvi explains that medical malpractice has three essential elements:

  • A catastrophic outcome.
  • An unexpected outcome of medical treatment.
  • The result is death or the inability to work, function or enjoy daily activities.

If you or your family is a victim of medical disaster, you should consult a medical malpractice lawyer immediately to catch up to the investigation being conducted by the hospital and its insurance company.

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