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Posted 5 years ago in Class Actions by Aaron Kase  
Insurer Must Pay $92.9 Million to Katrina Victims

In a victory for consumers, the United States Supreme Court declined last week to hear a petition by an insurance company trying to escape the penalties that, by law, it owed victims of Hurricane Katrina. Insurance company failed to respond to homeowners’ claims within 30 days According to Louisiana statute, company owed class members in lawsuit $5,000 each State Supreme Court affirmed that company is on the hook for $92.9 million   Unanswered Calls When Hurricane Katrina smashed the levies …

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Posted 5 years ago in Criminal Law by Aaron Kase  
In Michigan, You Can Tase Me, Bro

The Michigan Court of Appeals overturned a state ban on tasers and stun-guns last week, ruling that a blanket ban on openly carrying the weapons in public would also be unconstitutional. Appeals Court cited SCOTUS decision on D.C. handgun ban Tasers legal to own in Michigan for people with concealed pistol license 527 people killed by tasers in the U.S since 2001.   Ban Overturned The law was on the books: In Michigan, it was illegal to own or sell …

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