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Posted 5 years ago in Immigration by Michele Bowman  
Sheriff Joe Denies Racial Profiling Allegations

Self-billed “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” Maricopa County, Ariz.’s Joe Arpaio is toning down the toughness now that he’s on trial for violating the civil rights of Latinos for the last five years in his office’s crackdown on illegal immigration at the Arizona border. Arpaio took the stand in a Phoenix courtroom on Tuesday, July 24 and was confronted immediately by his own past racist statements. Arpaio, known informally as “Sheriff Joe,” is accused by a class of Latinos – including legal …

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Posted 5 years ago in Government Your Personal Rights by Aaron Kase  
Obamacare’s Federal Subsidies Challenged by Conservatives

Less than a month after a Supreme Court ruling that upheld most of the controversial health care reform law, an academic paper is challenging the legality of federal subsidies designed to help low- and middle-income individuals purchase health insurance. The paper, written by Jonathan Adler, a law professor at Case Western Reserve University, and Michael Cannon, director of health policy studies at libertarian think tank the Cato Institute, asserts that based on the language in the 2010 Patient Protection and …

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Posted 5 years ago in Bankruptcy by Jennifer King  
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Money Curse Leads Real Housewives Into Bankruptcies It’s starting to look like a curse: The fourth star from the Bravo reality TV series “Real Housewives” has filed for bankruptcy. For a show known for its characters’ conspicuous consumption habits, it’s a bit of a surprise—and a warning for us really real people. Find Out More…   Feds Extend Deadline For Reviewing Defective Foreclosures If you’ve lost your home to foreclosure or your home is “under water” and you believe it’s …

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