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Posted July 17, 2012 in Criminal Law by | Criminal Law

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Gang Members Arrested After Friending Cop on Facebook

Your parents probably told you never to talk to strangers. Fourteen Brooklyn gang members learned that lesson the hard way—and now they’re facing hard time in prison. The men accepted Facebook friend requests from a local police officer, who used information gleaned from their online chatter to catch gang members as they robbed homes.

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Cops Sideline NFL Players for DUI

Professional football players across the country grabbed headlines earlier this summer with some spectacularly dumb moves behind the wheel: Three NFL players were busted for drinking and driving, putting their careers and even their freedom at stake. No one is immune from DUI trouble, and your life could change in the blink of an eye if you drink and drive.

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Texas Gunman Guilty of Murder In Stand Your Ground Trial

A Texas man is facing life in prison after being found guilty of murder for shooting his neighbor in 2010. The case is being compared to the Travyon Martin slaying in Florida earlier this year.

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Occupy Phoenix Protesters Exonerated

A group of Occupy Wall Street protesters who were arrested and accused of forcing cops to spend thousands of dollars on unnecessary overtime has been at least partially vindicated. Of 47 protesters who were arrested during a 2011 Phoenix march, every person who fought back has had the charges dropped.

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Gun-Toting Michigan Teen’s Arrest Angers Gun Rights Advocates

What does it mean to “brandish” a firearm? A Michigan jury will have to answer that question in next month’s trial of an 18-year-old man who was arrested in April after being stopped by police while carrying a loaded rifle strapped to his back. Michigan is an “open carry” state.

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