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Posted 5 years ago in Products Liability by John McCarthy  
Video: Pradaxa Causes Uncontrolled Bleeding

  Pradaxa is meant to prevent strokes and blood clots in people at high risk. However,  it causes catastrophic, uncontrolled bleeding and even death in some patients.         Mobile users click here to view the video.         Lawyers.com Supervising Producer John McCarthy interviews attorney Brenda Fulmer, an expert on Pradaxa litigation. She reports that the drug was approved by the FDA on the basis of only one single internal study performed by the company …

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Posted 5 years ago in Medical Malpractice by Aaron Kase  
Missouri Tort Reform Law Struck Down

In a victory for consumers, the Missouri Supreme Court this week threw out a state law capping non-economic losses for victims of medical malpractice. The 2005 tort reform law that limited jury awards for pain and suffering to $350,000 was found to be in violation of Missouri residents’ constitutional right to a jury trial. “This is a good day for all people in Missouri and elsewhere who believe in our Constitution and our Bill of Rights,” says Tim Dollar, an …

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Posted 5 years ago in Divorce by Michele Bowman  
Book Review: How to Be a Good Divorced Dad

With an eye toward both the practical and the philosophical, in “How to Be a Good Divorced Dad” (Jossey-Bass, 2012) Chicago attorney Jeffery M. Leving offers a how-to manual for fathers who are faced with negotiating the often rocky terrain of divorce and child custody. A recognized authority on fathers’ rights, Leving not only practices divorce law and writes books; he also works with his state’s legislature to level the playing field for men in custody cases, for as he …

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