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Posted 5 years ago in Crime Criminal Law Your Personal Rights by Staff Editor   
Video: Docs v. Glocks Ruling Lets Physicians Ask About Guns

  An outrageous Florida law forbidding doctors to discuss the dangers of gun ownership with their patients was recently struck down by a federal judge. Shockingly, the law, known informally as Docs v. Glocks, was originally passed by the state legislature without any evidence whatsoever supporting the claims made in the NRA-backed bill that doctors were infringing on their patients’ Second Amendment rights by asking if they owned guns.         Mobile users click here to view the …

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Posted 5 years ago in Internet Law by Dan Abrams  
Social Media Makes It Tougher to ‘Speak Out of School’

Drama, chatter and gossiping between kids at school doesn’t stop when they leave the schoolyard, and it never has. In the Mesozoic era before the Internet, the conversation continued on party lines and during sleepovers. As technology developed, instant message and texting became the media of choice to keep the off-campus conversation going. But that was aimed at a targeted audience and rarely involved, for example, yelling about something for all to hear. Social media has changed everything, moving that …

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Posted 5 years ago in Labor and Employment by Jennifer King  
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How to Leave Your Job the Right Way Most workers in the United States are at-will employees, which means your employer can fire you at any time and for nearly any reason. Similarly, you are also free to quit your job at any time and for any reason. But there are still some protocols you should follow. Find Out More…   Tips for Getting Workers’ Comp So much in life is about timing. Getting workers’ compensation and keeping the payments …

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