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Posted 5 years ago in Government by Aaron Kase  
Police Don’t Need a Warrant to Track Your Cell Phone

The federal Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled last week that police do not need a warrant to track suspects using location data from their cell phones. Mobile phone users, the court said, do not have any expectation of privacy for data that emanates from their phones. The decision stemmed from a case in 2006 when law enforcement agents intercepted phone communications from a known drug trafficker without a warrant.  The information gave them the location and vehicle information for a …

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Posted 5 years ago in Labor and Employment by John McCarthy  
You Do Have to Give Out Your Facebook Password in 48 States

  Can your employer or potential employer require you to turn over your Facebook password? Unless you work in Maryland or Illinois, the answer is yes.         Mobile users click here to view the video.         And if you are applying for a job and refuse to give out your password, you probably won’t get hired. Lawyers.com Supervising Producer John McCarthy interviews attorney Mark Risk, an expert in employment law and the impact social …

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Posted 5 years ago in Labor and Employment by Michele Bowman  
Employee Fired for Having Breast Cancer

Employers can terminate workers for many reasons, but firing a woman with breast cancer while she’s in the hospital is barbaric. At least one federal judge agrees. Chief U.S. District Judge David R. Herndonon on August 1 denied a Coldwell Banker realtor’s attempt to dismiss the lawsuit Jamie Engler filed in response to her employer’s “extreme and outrageous” actions. According to Engler’s complaint, she told her employer, realtor Donald W. Brown, who does business as Brown Realtors in Edwardsville, Ill., that she …

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