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Posted 5 years ago in Estate Planning by Josh Crank  
Benihana Founder’s Widow Wins Estate Battle Appeal

The widow of Rocky Aoki, founder of the Benihana restaurant chain, will remain the beneficiary of his estate as a contentious court battle with four of Aoki’s children rages on. The children accused Keiko Aoki, Rocky’s third wife, of unduly influencing Rocky to turn against his children while he was allegedly in a vulnerable mental state due to illness and medication side effects. A New York appeals court ruled unanimously in Keiko’s favor, finding no direct evidence that Keiko coerced …

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Posted 5 years ago in Labor and Employment by Jennifer King  
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Your Employer Can Fire You For Taking Medical Leave An employer does have the right to fire an employee who is on extended medical leave, the First U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled. The decision comes after a Massachusetts bank terminated an employee who had taken several months of medical leave on her doctor’s orders. Find Out More…   Courtney Love Sued by Ex-Assistant For “Evil,” “Despicable Conduct”  Hole singer Courtney Love, who was sued last month for alleged nonpayment of …

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Posted 5 years ago in Government by Aaron Kase  
Victory for Consumers in Philly Parking Wars

A judge last month in Philadelphia ruled that the city’s Parking Authority must meet basic standards of evidence when violators appeal their parking tickets, after decades of robotic appeal rejection. Unfortunately, the city claims the order is impractical and will be ignoring the new rules pending appeal. The Philadelphia Parking Authority is so celebrated for its hyper-aggressive ticketing policies that there’s a national television show about its ruthless meter maids. People who think they’ve been unfairly ticketed can appeal to …

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