WATCH: Three Criminal Law Rulings You Need to Know About Now

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  • Big Brother has been using GPS tracking devices to keep an eye on citizens.
  • You can be strip-searched for any arrestable offense, such as failing to wear a seat belt.
  • Children are being sent to prison for life.

Recent U.S. Supreme Court criminal law decisions have had a radical impact on your rights; it’s time you learned about them.

  Mobile users click here to view the video. Editor-in-Chief Larry Bodine interviews Rory Little, a professor at the University of California’s Hastings College of Law about lesser-known court decisions that affect the protections Americans expect to have under the law.

Professor Little explains that until recently, law enforcement could legally place a GPS tracking device on your car without proving they had a reason to do so. The U.S. Supreme Court has put a stop to this practice, declaring it was a violation of your right to privacy.

Eek! A strip search.

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court didn’t see fit to guard U.S. citizens against strip searches. The court ruled that although you might have been arrested for the most minor infraction, the law affords you no protection from this gross indignity. You can be strip-searched for not wearing your seatbelt.

Professor Little reports the the justices reached a more humane decision in the case of mandatory life sentences for juveniles who have been charged as adults. The Supreme Court declared that this was a cruel and unusual punishment, in effect forcing 27 states to change their laws.

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