Do You Have the Roommate from Hell? [VIDEO]

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If you’ve had roommates, the chances are good you’ve had one from hell: leaves dirty dishes lying around, eats all your food, never chips in his or her share of the electric bill on time. A roommate agreement can protect you from an accursed living situation.

iStockphoto/Thinkstock Editor-in-Chief Larry Bodine explains that a roommate agreement will help you avoid disputes before they occur. It should cover issues like:

  • how the rent is divided
  • sharing chores
  • pets
  • boyfriends or girlfriends moving in

The elements of your agreement will depend on your individual situation, and consulting with a real estate attorney is the best way to  make sure you’ve got the protection you need. Visit to learn more about roommate agreements and to locate an attorney in your area who can answer your questions and help you put a roommate agreement in place.

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