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Do you want to know about the law as it applies to social media? Marijuana? Gun ownership? LGBT issues? Celebrities?

If so, you’re like most of our readers. We make a deliberate effort to report legal news that consumers can use.  Now you can also follow the headlines on Twitter and on  our new Facebook page, the Legal News Desk. We invite you to friend us and join the 15,000 people who have liked us.


Online How-To Kits

The  Legal News Desk on Facebook and Twitter are how-to kits for Americans to exercise their individual rights. We also report about threats to your liberties and expose the anti-consumer organizations that scheme to take away your rights.

You’ll get practical articles and videos too — about the laws affecting your family, your home, your job and your money. You can turn to us for help with criminal law, divorce, child custody, healthcare, personal injury.

We’ve got your back. Pay a visit to the Legal News Desk on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at Like, comment and share what you see.