The Final Days of Prohibition for Marijuana [VIDEO]

Posted September 12, 2012 in Criminal Law by Kate Stafford


In this exclusive video report, news reporter Kate Stafford speaks with Keith Stroup, attorney and founder of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws . Stroup founded NORML in 1970, and today describes the pitfalls encountered by medical marijuana users traveling to other states. He also explains that up to 50 percent of the annual arrests for possession could be eliminated by following a simple piece of advice: Don’t smoke weed your car. He gives tips on how to handle the situation if you are stopped by police.

855,000 Americans are arrested every year in connection with marijuana, and 89 – 90 percent of those arrests are for simple possession of small amounts of the drug. Colorado and Washington are poised to decriminalize marijuana, while several other states have recently legalized the use of the drug for medicinal purposes. Yet on the federal level, marijuana is still in the same legal class as heroin.

By the way, NORML is holding its annual conference in Los Angeles from October 4th – 6th. This year’s conference is entitled, “The Final Days of Prohibition.” will be covering the conference live, so be sure to visit for the latest updates in marijuana laws.

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