Children Engulfed in Flames by Exploding Gas Cans [Video]

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Millions of consumers in America own red plastic gas cans with a defect that causes them to explode in flames and immolate dozens of young children. The gas cans were made by Blitz USA and they lack a simple, inexpensive metal screen that arrests flames. Supervising Producer John McCarthy reports that the company refused to make their gas cans safe. Instead Blitz USA went bankrupt and went to the press to blame the victims’ lawyers instead. The attacks on the lawyers ran in anti-consumer media like the Wall Street Journal and Fox News broadcaster Stuart Varney.

“Nobody should have to suffer that,” said Kansas City personal injury lawyer Diane Breneman. “It’s preventable.” When the gas cans are open, the gas vapor can travel long distances and kill when it is ignited.

The solution that would have prevented all the horrible burns costs a few pennies. Please leave your comment below with your reaction to this case.

If you or a family member suffer a preventable burn or severe injury from a common household item, research your issue on and make an appointment with a personal injury lawyer to discuss your situation.

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