Haunting Legal News About Halloween [video]

Posted October 31, 2012 in On the Lighter Side by

It’s time to patch the hole in the sidewalk before dozens of grade school children come to visit on Halloween. You wouldn’t want Little Johnny suffering a personal injury on your property, advises Larry Bodine, Editor in Chief of Lawyers.com.

Check your local ordinances. If you’re over 12, the general rule is that you have to stay at home on Halloween. Nobody wants to see a six-foot trick-or-treater at the door.

Your costume can legally impersonate celebrities or politicians, because they have a limited right to privacy. Zombies are a good costume choice, because the undead have no standing in court.

Don’t send you kids asking for candy at the doors of registered sex offenders — for obvious reasons. Stick to your own neighborhood visit the homes of people you already know.

If you do run into legal trouble on Halloween, you can look up a local attorney who will help you on Lawyers.com.

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