It’s a Miracle! Wheelchair Bound Prisoner Walks After Judge Reduces Sentence

Posted October 8, 2012 in On the Lighter Side by

Carl Funk, 58, told Broward County, Fla., judge John Hurley (on a video feed from jail to a courtroom) that he is innocent of the seven-year-old charges (trespassing and open-alcoholic-container counts) and that, besides, he is now wheelchair-bound in pathetic medical condition and should be allowed to go home. The judge was skeptical, but finally, according to a South Florida Sun-Sentinel report, he offered to fine Funk only $50 on the charges, and Funk agreed to plead guilty. “Good luck, Funk,” said Judge Hurley. At that point, Funk rose from his wheelchair and quickly walked away. Wrote the Sun-Sentinel: “Raising both hands, Judge Hurley declared, ‘He’s been cured.'” [South Florida Sun-Sentinel, 7-14-2012]

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