Occu-Mom Gets 85k in Divorce Settlement

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A Florida woman who made headlines for leaving her husband and children to join Occupy Wall Street last year has received $85,000 from her now-ex in a divorce settlement.

Stacey Kessler, now 39, was featured in the New York Post last November when she was arrested for blocking a street during Occupy protests in the Manhattan. The paper noted that Kessler had left behind her husband and four children to become a part of the protest at Zucotti Park. Before her arrest, the colorfully-dubbed Occu-Mom told the paper she had thrown in her lot with the Occupy crowd and planned never to return home to Florida.

“Military people leave their families all the time, so why should I feel bad?” Hessler told the paper. “I’m fighting for a better world.”



Now the Post reports that the split is official. Hessler and her husband, Curtiss Hessler, have divorced due to “irreconcilable differences.”

Curtiss previously worked for Occupy-target Bank of America before joining a local bank in Florida, so the marriage may not have been a match made in heaven to begin with. According to the court filings, he makes $65,000 at his current job, while Stacey makes $0 at her protester gig.

She has also described herself as “midwives’ assistant, roller-derby queen, rock-star musician, activist, dreadlock princess, African-bee keeper and organic vegan freak.”

However much any of those jobs pulled in, she now has a small nest egg in cash and stocks to back herself up. While Curtiss kept the couple’s $65,000 house, Stacey got his $79,585 retirement fund and a bank account worth $5,800.

Curtiss Hessler will maintain custody of the children, now aged 8-18, but Occu-Mom will be allowed to visit them when “they want to see her” in a “safe environment.”

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