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Posted October 16, 2012 in Criminal Law by | Criminal Law

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Job Hunting with a Criminal Record

There are 65 million adults in the United States with criminal arrest or conviction records. A criminal record can interfere with your ability to find and keep a job, particularly since 90 percent of U.S. employers perform criminal background checks on their job applicants. Is an old arrest or conviction hurting your job hunting?

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Blue States Considering Stricter Gun Bans

In the wake of a rash of rampage-style mass shootings, several states are considering tightening up their gun laws, making it more difficult to purchase firearms and limiting what kinds of guns are available. California, New York and Illinois are all considering measures that would strengthen what are already among the most restrictive gun climates in the nation.

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Famous Athletes Fall Prey to Ponzi Scheme

Professional athletes pulling in millions of dollars are wise to invest some of that money using a financial professional. Unfortunately, some former football players and a U.S. Olympic soccer player are finding they put their trust in the wrong hands.

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Debtor’s Prison is Alive & Well

Outlawed in the United States in the 1830s, debtor’s prisons are somehow making a comeback now that regular folks are more vulnerable to financial trouble. Whether it’s an inability to pay court fees as a criminal defendant or outstanding credit card debt, your unpaid debts can still land you in prison.

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Video: The Final Days of Prohibition for Marijuana

In this exclusive video report, speaks with Keith Stroup, attorney and founder of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Stroup says up to 50 percent of the annual arrests for pot possession could be eliminated by following a simple piece of advice: Don’t smoke weed your car.

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