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Posted October 23, 2012 in Your Family & The Law by | Your Family & The Law

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Are Destination Weddings Legal?

Thinking of getting married on the honeymoon instead of before it? More and more couples are choosing to tie the knot with a destination wedding. But you may have to take extra steps to ensure your marriage is legally binding once you get home. The trick is to make sure you’re following the laws of the state or country where you’re getting married.

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Bruce Willis & Music, Social Media after Death

A strange rumor made the rounds of cyberspace in September: Actor Bruce Willis wanted to sue Apple because he couldn’t bequeath his iTunes collection to his daughters. The rumor was false—Willis isn’t suing—but there’s some truth to the underlying issue. Your heirs may not get to inherit your digital library upon your death.

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Post-Nup Agreements on the Rise

The number of couples seeking postnuptial agreements during their marriage has increased over the past three years, according to a recent survey. Postnuptial agreements are similar to prenuptial agreements in that they determine who gets what after a divorce. Fifty-one percent of divorce attorneys surveyed say more couples are signing the agreements.

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Have a Divorce, Child Support or Child Custody Question?

The family law forums should be one of your first stops if you’re dealing with a family law problem or issue. Covering topics including consumer adoption, divorce, child custody, child support and elder law issues, these forums are the place to ask questions and get answers before you hire a family law attorney.

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How Much Will You Pay in Alimony? There’s an App for That

If you’re wondering how your lawyer arrives at important numbers like fines, waiting periods, possible jail time or amounts of spousal support, help has arrived. From your divorce to your rights when you’re questioned by the police, the number of apps covering legal topics is growing rapidly.

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