[VIDEO] Can You Badmouth Your Boss Online?

You have the right to call your employer an obscenity on Facebook, thanks to the National Labor Relations Act, which has been protecting the rights of workers since 1935, according to Larry Bodine, Editor in Chief of Lawyers.com.

“I think you’ll be surprised how extensive your rights are,” Bodine says.

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New decisions under the law say you can publicly call your boss a swear word on Facebook so long as two conditions are met:

  1. You must be talking about a term or condition of the workplace.
  2. You must be engaging in a “concerted activity,”  which is when two or more employees take action regarding the workplace. You must be voicing the opinions of other employees, not just your own.


Two Situations Where Workers Won

A group of car salesmen got protection from the federal law when they complained about the dealer’s sales event on Facebook, saying customers got small bags of chips, cheap cookies from the warehouse club and overcooked hot dogs. They even posted a hilarious picture of a customer who drove a car into a nearby pond — which was ruled to be a protected activity.

That was also the case when a group of nurses complained on Facebook about a co-worker who was frequently absent or calling in sick. Even though the Facebook comments violated the hospital’s social media policy against talking badly about the hospital, a ruling under the federal law said the nurses had a right to talk about it on Facebook.

“Now don’t be stupid,” Bodine warns. Before you badmouth your boss or your employer on Facebook, talk about it first with an experienced employment lawyer. You can look up an attorney on Lawyers.com.

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