Police Arrest Pregnant Zombie

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Police responding to a 911 call on the morning after Halloween were spooked by what they found.

Around 8:15 a.m. police in Birmingham, Alabama raced to the scene of a possible homicide. A passerby called 911, reporting that a woman had been shot and her bloody body was seen slumped over the steering wheel of her SUV parked at a traffic light. The woman appeared to be pregnant, too.

A hit and run? A drive-by shooting? A crime of passion by an estranged lover? Or a tragic premeditated murder of a mother-to-be?

What police discovered was nothing so dramatic.

The “victim” turned out to be a hung-over Halloween reveler dressed as a zombie in white face paint and covered in fake blood. “You can see why someone thought she had been shot,” said one of the officers at the scene. What about her unborn child? The fake pregnancy was just part of the zombie-themed costume, police said.

Some states, including Alabama, define driving under the influence as being sufficiently impaired to be an unsafe driver, even in a parked car, and police can make an arrest without actually witnessing the driver operating the vehicle. Since the woman was seen behind the wheel, even though she was passed out, this could be sufficient to establish that she was in control of the vehicle.

The woman was roused from her drunken stupor by police officers, who asked her to step out of her SUV. She was apparently unfazed, or still out of it, telling officers, “It’s all good.”

They then handcuffed and searched her, and arrested her on a DUI charge.

It was not immediately clear whether additional charges could be brought for harm to a fake zombie-fetus.

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