Cockamamie Court Cases [Video]

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At, we bring you legal news you can use. This sometimes includes cases so strange that they go beyond bizarre. Editor-in-Chief Larry Bodine describes some true legal cases so odd that they’ll make you smile or even laugh out loud.

One man achieved “Guinness Book of World Records” fame using the legal system. His fantasy lawsuits included celebrities like Kanye West and Charlie Sheen, al Qaeda, and also three sister whom he falsely accused of crimes involving a McFlurry and a Whopper.

Larry also gives the details on a couple of advertising and trademark matters. You can decide if one well-known juice, maybe a brand even on your breakfast table, is what it claims to be. In another case, you’ll learn one Japanese word, not “lost” but definitely open to some “misinterpretation” … in translation.

If you’ve ever been annoyed by pesky telemarketers, you may have some sympathy for one woman in Germany. Her courtroom story tells a lesson of what you would be wise not to do. And you can be the judge of her crime and punishment.

Finally, if you know any true narcissists, one woman provides the ultimate legal solution for anyone totally in love with himself or herself. 

Watch today’s video for more on these surprising stories. Plus you can check out the website,, for legal help, information and even the latest in usual legal cases.

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