Copyrighting Your Web Creations [Video]

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When Venus the two-tone cat became an Internet sensation, her owner realized she should get a copyright lawyer. As reported by field producer Amber Statler-Matthews of, the owner wanted to use the cat’s image to sell products and support animal rescue groups.

She called intellectual property lawyer Nancy Flint of Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Flint explains that once you create a picture, video or poem you hold the copyright. But you cannot enforce your copyright unless you register it with the U.S. government. Flint describes a four-step process to register a copyright.

“Between the registered copyright and the registered trademark, she can stop people from using her cat’s image in a way she doesn’t approve,” Flint says.

Registering can be complicated when you have a lot of work to register, such as many photographs or paintings — and that’s when you need an intellectual property attorney. You can find a local copyright and trademark attorney near you by looking one up right on


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