NHL Star Jeremy Roenick Seeks Legal Advice for Twitter Brawl

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Former NHL superstar Jeremy Roenick took to Twitter last week, asking for legal advice about whether he would get sued for beating up an Internet heckler.

“Is there a good lawyer in Toronto that can oversee my dispute on tues?” Roenick tweeted, explaining that he wanted to pummel another Twitter user, who goes by the name Kyle Gags, in the lobby of a Hotel Sheraton. Unfortunately for fans, an attorney piped up that, without getting a proper license, the fight would almost certainly be illegal.

Known as a scorer rather than a fighter during his career, the bulk of which was spent with the Chicago Blackhawks, Phoenix Coyotes and Philadelphia Flyers, Roenick wrote that he wanted to assure himself “that his [hiney] kicking is legal to his consent.”

No dice, said the anonymous attorney. Even if both parties sign a contract giving up the right to sue, they would surely run afoul of criminal laws against fighting, just like two willing contestants in a bar brawl.

According to a transcript of private messages between Roenick and his adversary, published by Deadspin, the former NHLer called the mysterious heckler a “toilet cleaning putz” and wonders if he is actually speaking with fellow former player and on-ice pest Rob Ray.

Roenick got in 40 official fights during his playing days, according to hockeyfights.com, which is a relatively small number for an 18-year veteran. He recently released a book  modestly entitled, “J.R.: My Life as the Most Outspoken, Fearless, and Hard-Hitting Man in Hockey,” complete with tales of drunken exploits and a near-fight between another player and Blackhawks coach Mike Keenan. The recent Twitter fight apparently started when Kyle Gags tweeted that no one gives a [darn] about the book, and said Roenick has an ugly face.

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