Pastor Wins $2.4 Million for Wife’s Deadly Bus Accident

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Joyce Ann Jacobs was standing in a Sacramento intersection at 6:25 pm on January 9, 2008, when an out-of service city bus attempting to make a left turn barreled into her and killed her.

Immediately after the accident, the driver decided to call the city’s Regional Transit instead of calling 911.

Last week, a jury awarded $2.4 million Jacobs’ husband John, who is a pastor, and son Anthony for her death.

The trial turned on whether the 49-year-old wife and mother was standing inside the painted lines of the crosswalk when she was hit. Sacramento Regional Transit argued Jacobs was at fault because she was crossing in the middle of the street.

The jury found that Jacobs was standing within the crosswalk lines and rejected the Regional Transit’s version of events.

Attorney Steven Campora

“Clearly we’re happy that the Jacobs family got a verdict that establishes their mother didn’t do anything wrong,” said Steven Campora, an attorney for the family, who said the jury “vindicated” the conduct of Joyce Jacobs.

After the verdict, a  juror said the bus driver’s decision not to call 911 right after the accident was the main reason for the jury’s decision.

“The cops should have been there to seal off the scene, so not everybody was trampling all over the place. Right then and there, we found against Regional Transit,” said Carmelo Tirado, one of the jurors.

However, the jurors awarded only a fraction of the $9.75 million in damages Campora asked for.

“Nine million was just a little too much,” said Tirado.

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