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Posted November 8, 2012 in Real Estate Your Family & The Law by | Your Home & The Law

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Seniors More Likely to Face Foreclosure

While the mortgage crisis seems to have fallen out of the news, seniors in particular are still reeling from its effects. Caught in a cycle of decreasing income but increasing expenses, the elderly have proven especially vulnerable to foreclosures.

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Drillers Hose Texas Landowners with Fast & Dirty Fracking

Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”—a method of oil and gas extraction—is already controversial because of charges that the process is harmful to the environment. Now it’s being used to rip off landowners who refuse to sell the mineral rights to their property.

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Using Cohabitation Agreements to Plan for the Future

Fewer Americans are getting married than ever before, but that doesn’t mean couples aren’t living together. If you’re thinking of shacking up or creating a domestic partnership, experts say it’s a good idea to consider entering into a cohabitation agreement.

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Talk to a Property Insurance Lawyer—For Free!

Join and attorney Alan Garfinkel on Tuesday, Nov. 20, at 2 pm ET for a free online Q&A about property insurance and your homeowner’s policy. Mr. Garfinkel will be available to answer your questions.

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California Law Blocks Mandatory Declawing of Pets

Landlords in California can no longer force tenants to declaw or devocalize their pets as a condition of renting a property, thanks to a new anti-cruelty law. Property owners can still ban animals from a dwelling outright, but the days of allowing only clawless cats and barkless dogs are over. telecommuting arrangement is ongoing rather than temporary.

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