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Posted November 14, 2012 in Bankruptcy by | Your Money & The Law

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Facebook to Pay $20M to Settle ‘Sponsored Stories’ Suit

Facebook plans to settle a California class action over its use of users’ names and their profile pictures in its Sponsored Stories program for $20 million. The class accused the site of using the names and/or likenesses of users without their permission to promote products and services in violation of California’s state laws.

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Prepaid Debit Cards Are Largely Unregulated

Prepaid debit cards continue to grow in popularity and usage. In 2009, consumers loaded $28.6 billion onto these cards. In 2011, the amount was $83.3 billion. By 2013, industry experts predict that the amount will be $201.9 billion. But consumers should be aware that the fast-growing prepaid debit card industry is almost entirely unregulated.

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529 Plans Help Save for College

College tuition for a child born in 2012 is predicted to be more than $100,000 per year by the time this child reaches college age. Parents who plan to send their kids to college know that they need to start saving early. One good to save for college is through a 529 plan.

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Have a Bankruptcy or Credit Law Question?

The bankruptcy law forums should be one of your first stops if you’re dealing with a money-related legal problem or issue. Covering topics including consumer bankruptcy, contracts, credit and creditor issues, these forums are the place to ask questions and get answers before you hire a bankruptcy lawyer.

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Seniors More Likely to Face Foreclosure

While the mortgage crisis seems to have fallen out of the news, seniors in particular are still reeling from its effects. Caught in a cycle of decreasing income but increasing expenses, the elderly have proven especially vulnerable to foreclosures.

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