Know the Search Laws to Avoid a Pot Bust [Video]

Posted November 26, 2012 in Criminal Law Marijuana Video by Kate Stafford


The new laws legalizing marijuana in some states make an ounce of weed almost as easy to buy as a bottle of beer.  For example, voters in Colorado and Washington made recreational use of pot lawful, it’s still illegal in Oregon. reporter Kate Stafford explains some of the legal rights of pot smokers.

To avoid getting busted, it is essential that you know the laws of search and seizure. Keith Stroup, a criminal law attorney who founded the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), discusses legal points that marijuana users should know.

  • While driving your car, there are three circumstances where you can refuse to let the police conduct a search.
  •  If you are stopped on the street, the police can pat you down in some situations.

  • If the police show up at your home while marijuana is being smoked, you don’t have to let them in – unless you make a simple mistake.

If you need legal advice about the marijuana laws where you live, you can find a local criminal law attorney on

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