Worker Wins $64 Million after Construction Site Accident

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Ronald Bayer was 36-years-old when he took a fall while on the job that changed his life forever.

In 2007, Bayer was building an Illinois warehouse for the electronics firm Panduit when, while walking on an iron beam, he tripped. Bayer fell 20 feet and landed head first. He remains paralyzed.

Bayer’s attorney, Clifford Horwitz, argued there were studs sticking out of the iron beams that caused him to trip and no harnessing equipment had been installed which could have prevented his fall.

But lawyers for Panduit argued Bayer was at fault. According to the company’s attorney, Bayer ignored instructions to stay in the bucket of a cherry picker.

Clifford Horwitz

“[He] decided on his own to climb out, untie himself and fell off the beam,” said John W. Patton Jr., an attorney for Panduit who said he will appeal the jury’s $64 million verdict.

Bayer’s attorney disagrees with Patton’s allegations. “Ron was known to his friends and co-workers as a hardworking, diligent and cautious union ironworker, before his life was shattered as a result of Panduit’s alleged carelessness,” Horwitz says.

“[A]fter carefully reviewing all the evidence, the jury recognized that Panduit maintained an unsafe jobsite in violation of OSHA regulations, ANSI safety standards and internal safety rules. As a result, Ron suffered horrifying injuries, including quadriplegia and a traumatic brain injury with many complications.”

Following the verdict, Horwitz said his client, who now needs round-the-clock care, “just wants to live a normal life.” 

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