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You Can Create Your Own Homebrew, But Don’t Sell It

Each year, more people take up homebrewing of beer, wine, hard cider and other beverages. Some hobbyists adopt this craft because of the popular “eat and drink local” movement. Some do it because it’s science. Some do it because it’s creative. Making a limited amount of wine or beer at home is legal in most of the United States, but it is never legal to sell what you brew.

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Court Says No Privacy in Yahoo! Emails

If you thought your Gmail or Yahoo! mail accounts were safe from prying eyes, think again. The illusion of privacy in cyberspace took yet another hit in October when the South Carolina Supreme Court declared, in effect, that reading someone else’s Yahoo! emails doesn’t violate federal law.

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You May Be Responsible for Your Ex’s Credit Card Debt

A divorce decree addresses, among other things, division of both the assets and debts accrued during the course of a marriage. This includes credit card debt. Credit card companies, however, are not bound by divorce decrees. Unless you are careful right from the moment you decide to separate, you can end up being liable for your ex’s credit card debt.

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Amanda Todd Suicide Highlights Cyberbullying Danger

Teenagers hang out on Facebook the same way Gen-X’ers hung out at the mall. As a result, social media has given bullies a new way to torment their victims, and parents need to be aware of the dangers that lurk online for their teens. Amanda Todd, a Canadian teen who was cyberbullied into committing suicide in October, is one of the latest in a string of teen suicides that parents, schools and lawmakers are struggling to understand and prevent.

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EEOC Targets Pregnancy Discrimination

Pregnancy brings a host of new concerns to an expectant mother’s life—but being forced from her job shouldn’t be one of them. Pregnancy discrimination has become a hot-button issue for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which enforces federal laws prohibiting employment discrimination. If your employer is upset by your pregnancy, it is setting itself up for trouble.

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