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Avoid Legal Pitfalls of Facebook’s ‘Year in Review’

In mid-December, Facebook introduced its “Year in Review” feature that allows users, with the click of one button, to publish highlights from their posts, pictures, and “life events” for the past year. Before you click “share,” consider our own look back at the implications of posting on Facebook when you’re involved in sticky situations.    ‘Dangerous Concept’  The feature collects and shares in reverse chronological order your “top” 20 stories from 2012. You cannot choose what those 20 stories are: …

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Minnesota Judge Charged with Christmas Eve Drunk Driving

Be careful on the roads tonight — the holidays are notorious occasions for partygoers who have had a few too many, ignore DUI/DWI laws and get behind the wheel. On Christmas Eve, a judge in Minnesota who allegedly drunkenly crashed his car learned the hard way that the law applies even to those who are usually charged with enforcing it. Michael Vann Sovis, a district judge in Dakota County, was arrested Dec. 24 on two counts of drunk driving after …

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