What to Do if You’re Busted for Shoplifting [Video]

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The holidays all too often become not just a time for giving, but a season for taking. And it’s not just the Grinch who’s stealing Christmas. Last year about $1.8 billion worth of merchandise was stolen in the month leading up to “the most wonderful time of the year.”

Lawyers.com reporter Matt H. Mayes shows you actual store security video, where you can watch the thief’s red-handed larceny. He interviews attorney Steve Sitkoff, a partner at Takakjian & Sitkoff, who has represented more than 500 defendants accused of shoplifting.


Sitkoff offers some advice on what to do if you’re busted for stealing. While a shoplifting conviction usually won’t mean jail time, Sitkoff says your actions at the time of your arrest can affect the ultimate outcome of your case. He discusses:

  • Why you should not physically resist the security guard or police officer.
  • Whether you should cooperate with the security guard.
  • Whether you should talk to the security guard.
  • Whether you should allow a police search.

Sitkoff says shoplifting is usually caused by bad judgment, but following the advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney can prevent the situation going from bad to worse. Watch our video report or contact Lawyers.com for more information.

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