Dumb Crook Uses Alias Belonging to Wanted Man

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A Massachusetts man tried to hide his identity from police during a traffic stop by giving them a fake name. The only problem was the name he came up with happened to match that of another wanted man.

Frankie Portee, 29, was the passenger in a vehicle that police pulled over for a not having current inspection stickers. Portee was sitting in the back seat, but the officer noticed he wasn’t wearing a seat belt. Oops! That’s a $25 fine in Massachusetts.

Portee had bigger problems at hand, however: There were several probation warrants out for his arrest. When the cop asked for his name and birthday, he thought quickly and came up with, “Daniel Atkins, January 28, 1983.”

The flaw in his plan came to light when the officer ran the name and discovered a Daniel Atkins of similar age and description, who happened to have a warrant out for his own arrest. 

Another trooper arrived at the scene and asked Portee to exit the vehicle. The next moment the defendant was throwing punches and “became embroiled in a melee with the two troopers on the patio of a nearby Starbucks,” according to a local news report. Eventually, the officers maced and handcuffed the man they thought was Daniel Atkins.

Portee already had legal problems but did a great job compounding them, getting himself convicted of battery and resisting arrest. He was later sentenced separately to four to five years in state prison for probation violations. Reports are unclear if he paid the ticket for not wearing his seat belt.

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