Deadly Street Intersections [Video]


A black Lexus barreled though a Chicago intersection, killing a little girl who was crossing the street while holding her mother’s hand.

Who was to blame for 4-year-old Maya Hirsch’s tragic death? reporter John McCarthy investigated and found a surprising result that pointed to not only to the driver, but also to the City of Chicago.

Steven Hart, the attorney for Maya’s family, shows how the city negligently left an intersection an unreasonably dangerous death trap. This accident would never have happened but for a stop sign and crosswalk that almost invited this fatal collision. The investigation shows how you can check on whether there are deadly street intersections in your neighborhood.

Not all tragic accidents are a municipality’s fault. Hart goes step-by-step through the strict criteria used in deciding whether to sue the city. In Maya’s case, the city of Chicago settled the lawsuit, paying over $3 million to the Hirsch family. Because of this lawsuit, the city went on a campaign to fix street signs, making them comply with rules and regulations. Thus, Maya’s death resulted in making hundreds of intersections safer for pedestrians to cross.




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