Driver Hit by Cop On Lunch Break Wins $1.6 Million


A Michigan man who was permanently injured when his car was struck by a police officer backing out of his own driveway filed suit against the police department and won a $1.6 million jury award.

Carl Mennare was driving his wife to her job when Officer Brett Ramsden of the Lansing Township Police Department pulled his police cruiser out of his driveway and hit Mennare’s sub-compact Suzuki.

On the day of the crash, Ramsden had stopped at home for lunch and was backing out of his driveway to chase down a speeding vehicle, according to Mennare’s attorney Lawrence Nolan of Nolan, Thomsen and Villas, P.C.

Mennare, who was driving his wife to her job as a security guard, and was traveling at about 35 to 40 mph, was blindsided by the police cruiser.

Lawrence Nolan

“[He] had no chance to do any evasive maneuver,” said Nolan, who also said the couple were wearing seatbelts and the airbags deployed. “They weren’t doing anything wrong. They were just driving along and all of a sudden, [the police officer] came out of his driveway.”

Mennare, 47, suffered permanent brain injuries that give him constant headaches and leave him sensitive to light and sound, and he can no longer work, according to Nolan.

The jury found the police department at fault and awarded the couple $1.6 million after a five- day trial.




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