Exclusive Interview with Santa’s Lawyer [Video]

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In a major news coup, Lawyers.com dispatched Editor-in-Chief Larry Bodine to an undisclosed location to get the first ever one-on-one interview with Santa Claus’ attorney.

You’ll see why it’s not easy being the attorney for Kris Kringle, who gets into more than his share of legal entanglements. Highlights of this historic interview include:

  • How Santa used popular online technology to find his attorney.
  • A unique endorsement deal that Santa is considering.
  • How the Uniform Commercial Code comes into play when Santa’s presents are ungraciously returned to the North Pole. 

Suddenly, the Q&A comes to a halt when a ringing telephone brings an emergency call from St. Nick himself. We kept the cameras rolling so that you could listen in on a little of their privileged attorney-client conversation.

But wait! There’s more! Santa’s wild ride takes him over a certain military base that presents a yearly on-the-job hazard. An elf keeps running in with bad news. And you won’t believe what happens when Santa arrives down a chimney in one of the most heavily-armed states in the country.

Yet Santa still sees his job as jolly good fun and we wish you a joyful season, too.

Ho! Ho! Ho!  Happy holidays from all of us at Lawyers.com.

Many thanks to the law firm Costello McMahon & Burke in Chicago for their festive assistance in making this video. No elves, reindeer or court exhibits were harmed in the making of this film.


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