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Tenants’ Rights for Victims of Natural Disasters

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, countless people were displaced from their homes. While homeowners confront destroyed houses and navigate insurance woes, renters have their own set of problems. Disputes between landlords and tenants are one of the more common legal problems to arise in the wake of a major storm.

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Cohabitation Agreements Protect Relationships

More and more couples are living together without being married. For those who do, a cohabitation agreement may be appropriate. This private contract between long-term cohabitants establishes the rights and obligations that married people obtain by law, custom and agreement.

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New Yorker Sues for Right to Post Peace Sign

A Manhattan woman who wants to show her opposition to the U.S. wars in the Middle East by hanging a peace sign in her condo’s window is fighting New York City for the right to do so. Brigitte Vosse was fined for nailing the sign to her window frame because it violated a city zoning regulation. She filed a lawsuit in federal court this fall claiming the city violated her constitutional right to free speech.

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Talk to a Real Estate Lawyer—For Free!

Join and attorney Roger T. Dunaway on Monday, Dec. 10, at 2 pm ET for a free online Q&A discussing real estate law and landlord-tenant issues. Whether you’re picking your way through the complicated process of buying or selling property, or concerned about whether the lease you’re about to sign really protects your interests, Mr. Dunaway will be available to answer your questions.

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Home Swapping & Couch Surfing

Home swapping and couch surfing are short-term rental situations. Their popularity has grown in recent years, aided by the Internet and a tight economy. Renters get cheap accommodations and “landlords” can earn a few extra dollars each month. But there are some drawbacks.

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