Crimes So Strange They’re Absurd [Video]

Posted January 2, 2013 in Criminal Law On the Lighter Side Video by Editor-in-Chief Larry Bodine tells the stories of five oddball crimes. You might even wonder whether some of these crooks wanted to get caught. How hard was it to crack these cases?

Do criminals return to the scene of the crime? With one “repeat offender,” you may find it a bit surprising how soon and how often she liked to rob the same Massachusetts liquor store.

Larry describes how plans to rob a Vermont 7-Eleven “backfired” with one criminal literally scaring off his partner. They make Al Pacino in “Dog Day Afternoon” look like a brilliant mastermind.

Cops caught a bicycle thief when he “backpedaled” to his victim’s store to make a rather ironic purchase. We’ve all heard of DNA fingerprint evidence, but in another crime story German police used a different kind of print to catch a burglar. (As a hint, eavesdroppers, beware!)

Finally, men using a dump truck in the theft of an ATM prove to be less than stealthy and subtle.

Check out this video for these strange legal stories that will make you laugh, and visit for all your legal needs.


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