Is Your Car Street Legal? [Video]


Formula One race cars and Vin Diesel’s hot rods from the “Fast and Furious” movies aren’t racing around your neighborhood and there’s a good reason. Editor-in-Chief Larry Bodine explains why. If you want to soup up your car, pass an inspection (if your state requires it) and avoid tickets and fines, his report shows you how to make sure your car is street legal.

head lights for street legal carsIf you’ve spent serious money on modifying your car, this fast-paced video shows you how to make sure you can drive your machine on the streets.

With lifted vehicles, watch out for requirements on fenders and mud flaps. For super charged cars, there are restrictions on hood scoops and air intakes. Different states have maximum sound levels.

In addition to annual emissions tests, Departments of Motor Vehicles have basic requirements for all cars. This report also shows you what’s on that checklist.

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