Judge Orders Man to Tell Women He Is a Deadbeat

Posted January 23, 2013 in Child Custody and Support by

Man wearing a sign that says, "I Owe Child Support


A Wisconsin man is going to have a tough time picking up women, unless he can woo them in three minutes or less.

A judge has ordered that as a condition of his probation, John Butler, 28, must tell women within three minutes of meeting them that he is a felon who owes child support. Butler pled no contest for failure to pay support and was given two years probation for the felony.

As we learned recently, Wisconsin had state Supreme Court precedent giving a green light to ban people on probation from having kids unless they can show that they can support them financially. Judge Eugene Harrington went a step further, imposing the no-procreating order on Butler but also taking measures to ensure he never has an opportunity to do more impregnating.

He’ll have to keep his public interactions brief. Imagine how many women he might encounter on an average day — waitresses, bus drivers, new coworkers, parents of friends. Butler might be best off making a sign advertising his deadbeat status and wearing it around to avoid any inadvertent slip-ups — or just keep a close eye on his watch.

At least bartenders won’t be a problem: Sobriety is another condition of Butler’s probation.

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