More Wacky State Laws [VIDEO]

Posted January 24, 2013 in On the Lighter Side by


At we report legal news consumers can use, and sometimes we hear some pretty unbelievable things — including laws that are odd, laughable or downright bizarre.  Editor-in-Chief Larry Bodine offers a sampling.

Wacky state lawsThere are lots of crazy state laws, and you’d better know them if you’re taking a bath in Indiana in winter. The same goes if you’re ticked off at a vending machine that stole your money in Kansas, and if you’re caught swearing in public in West Virginia. Hit the brakes when you see a cow crossing or pig parade in Wisconsin, and know the laws affecting ZOMBIES in Rhode Island.

No matter what state you find yourself in, be sure to visit Not only can you look up a local attorney to help you, but you’ll get fresh legal news consumers can use.

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