Newsbreak: Surprising Results in Three Cases [Video] Editor-in-Chief Larry Bodine broadcasts today’s Newsbreak, a round-up of legal news you can use.

Why did the Indiana Supreme Court cut $7 million out of a jury award? You’ll find out as Larry reports on an Indiana man whose wife died a painful death due to medical malpractice. You’ll learn about the effects of tort reform, an anti-consumer law. You be the judge of whether the outcome was unfair.

Newsbeak: Surprising Results in Three Cases [Video]The Newsbreak also visits a wild party in Ohio. After guests threw a woman into the pool, she climbed out, tripped on a ladder and injured her leg. She then sued the hosts. The case explains what an Ohio court ruling could mean about your duty to warn people about potential dangers on your property.

Finally, a Mennonite Christian family in Pennsylvania tried to :eliminate coverage for contraceptives from the health insurance that their company provided to 950 employees. The family claimed the birth control mandate in the federal Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, was forcing them to sin. Did they get away with skirting the law?

Learn what happened in these cases and more about the law by watching this Newsbreak video.

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