Signs You Are Headed for a Divorce [Video]

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Are you asking yourself, “Is my marriage headed for a divorce?” Editor-in-Chief Larry Bodine discusses the five major things that divorce lawyers say will kill a marriage. If you’re wondering whether differences with your partner are irreconcilable, our video shows you the warning signs that it may be time to move on.

Adultery is the number one cause of divorce. It’s something that couples find particularly difficult to recover from to move on to a healthy marriage.

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Oftentimes marriages cannot withstand the pressures of financial troubles, stressful jobs, mental illnesses such as depression or addictions to gambling, alcohol, drugs or sex.  Larry puts it all on the table — the reasons why marriages end.

Watch this video to see if you’ve observed any signs of these troubles in your marriage or perhaps in a friend’s or family member’s relationship. You may want to consult a counselor or learn more about divorce and family law on our website at

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