WTC Bombing Victim Loses $5.4 Million Jury Award

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An appeals court stripped a woman who was injured in the first World Trade Center terrorist attack of her $5.4 million jury award.

Linda Nash waited 16 years for her day in court after getting hit by a blast in the 1993 truck bombing of the New York skyscraper that killed 6 and injured over 1,000 people. Nash, an accounting executive, was in the underground garage when she was hit in the head with debris, suffering brain damage and lung scarring. She was trapped in the building until firefighters rescued her.

“I felt like I’d been hit with a 12-foot wave,” she said at her trial in 2009 against the New York Port Authority for not having adequate security.

The jury agreed with her and found the Port Authority 68 percent responsible for her injuries because it ignored security experts who warned the iconic building was vulnerable to car bombs.

But now an appeals court has tossed out her multi-million award based on another case in which the state supreme court said the Port Authority could not be held responsible for the attack.

Her lawyer, Lou Mangone, said he would appeal the ruling.

Nash, meanwhile, has moved far away from the Big Apple and lives in Colorado raising horses.

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