Your Say on Abortion Laws [Poll] reporter Josh Crank contrasts a proposed New York law with anti-abortion measures in Mississippi and North Dakota. The New York legislature will vote on whether to allow late-term abortions if a mother’s health is at risk. California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland and Nevada already have similar laws.

Mississippi's only commercial abortion clinic/Feb. 4, 2013/ AP Photo/ Rogelio V. Salis

AP/Rogelio V. Salis

Mississippi and North Dakota are on the verge of closing down their last abortion clinics, by requiring doctors to be board-certified OBGYNs, eligible to practice at a local hospital. Read Josh’s full article, where he also describes the debate over New York’s Reproductive Health Act and additional anti-abortion laws in North Dakota. State your views on today’s abortion laws by taking our poll:

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